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Southwest Celtic Music Association

2017 Dates & Times

Friday, March 3rd

Saturday, March 4th

Sunday, March 5th


Fair Park, Dallas, TX

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Local Featured Musician Applications Now Closed

The deadline for applications from featured local and regional musicians is now closed. We have received almost 50 applications this year, so the selection process is going to be long and difficult. We really are amazed at the high quality of musicians that have applied this year. We will start our selection process immediately and make announcements after Thanksgiving.

The King is dead! Long live the King!

A traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch in various countries throughout the world. In England use of the phrase dates back to 1272, when Henry III died while his son, Edward I, was fighting in the Crusades. To avoid any chance of a civil war erupting over the order of succession, the Royal Council proclaimed: "The throne shall never be empty; the country shall never be without a monarch." Hence, upon the death of a monarch the first in line in succession immediately assumes the role with no additional ceremonies required.

So it is with NTIF, in a way. As soon as one festival ends, another starts, immediately, as if by magic. Headline bands are already starting to be booked and we have a number of new kids this year. Bands from "other" Celtic nations that rarely get to perform in the US. We will tell you who later.