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Festival Contacts

US and Other Mail

All mail should be addressed to:

  • North Texas Irish Festival
  • 7324 Gaston Avenue, #124-382
  • Dallas, TX, 75214

Phone and Voicemail

  • Phone (214) 821-4173

Email Address

Note - we use moderately agressive spam filters to limit the volume of unwanted mail that we receive. Please follow normal business procedures when writing email and subject lines. Spam filters typically look for the obvious words, but also for things like multiple question marks careful on your choice of words.

Mail  - All festival general arrangements.

Mail  - Press releases.

Mail  - Sponsorship enquiries.

Mail  - Volunteer opportunities.

Mail  - Enquiries from musicians and dancers.

Mail  - Regional performer enquiries.

Mail  - Urchin Street activities.

Mail  - Arts & Crafts vendors.

Mail  - Food vendors.

Mail  - Any other enquiries.

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