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Ticket Discounts

All ticket discounts apply to the full day, two-day or weekend tickets. Discount tickets must be purchased in person - we cannot verify online purchases.

Tom Thumb Tickets

Discount one-day tickets for NTIF 2017 will be on sale at your local Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Tom Thumb or Albertsons. Following the great success of previous years, Tom Thumb will be selling one day discount tickets, which may be used for either Saturday or Sunday for $14. Plus, new for 2017 we are including local area Albertsons as an additional advanced ticket outlet.

Ask at the checkout desk when picking up your weekend groceries!

SCMA Member Discount

SCMA membership has its rewards. All current SCMA members may buy one - get one free. Purchase your full price Friday, Saturday, Sunday, two-day or weekend ticket at the gate, show your current SCMA Membership card at any entrance gate and get your guest into the festival for free. Buy two full price tickets and get two friends in free - no limit. One-for-one only, all guests must be present at time of entry.

Seniors, Handicapped, Military Discount

Seniors over the age of 65, serving military, police, firefighters and the handicapped - daily tickets $5 discount off listed price at the gate.


Children 11 and under are admitted free of charge as long as they are accompanied by an adult family member.

Tour Operators

We welcome all tour operators or group sales. For specific discount opportunities please call (214) 821-4173. We can accommodate tour busses and group travel of almost any size. Tour and small busses can be accomodated with easy drop-off access and parking.

If you are a member or organizer of a large church, youth, singles, tour or any other kind of group with 20 or more members please call for special group discounts. Even better, why don't you volunteer as a group and all get in free for the day.

Ticket Sales Hours

Tickets will be on sale at all gates during the following hours:

Friday March 3rd

6:00 pm


10:00 pm

Saturday March 4th

10:30 am


10:00 pm

Sunday March 5th

11:30 am


6:30 pm