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Please give us the following information about yourself and the volunteer opportunities that you would like to consider. Note that fields marked with an * are required.

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You may select up to three work areas in order of preference, but some areas are more popular than others and we reserve the right to assign returning volunteers first.

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Thursday setup shifts

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Sunday - number of three hour shifts

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Please note. Parking at Fair Park is extremely limited and preference will be given to those volunteers who are carpooling with two or more volunteers per car. If you have the option, please consider parking FREE at the Doubletree hotel and riding our complimentary shuttle. Alternatively you can hop a ride on DART, the official NTIF transportation provider.

I will need a parking pass

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I will be be using DART or parking at the Doubletree Hotel

I have read and understood the terms and conditions under which I am volunteering for the NTIF.
Note: Applications will not be processed unless this box is checked.

Enter any comments you have in the space provided below.

In order to limit the number of false submissions we have implemented the following robot checker. Please click and follow the instructions.

Application submission will take a few seconds, after which you will receive an acknowledgement page.

Please do not hit the submit button more than once - you could end up with twice as many shifts to work!



Marsha Singer

Just fill in this form on my right and volunteer to help at NTIF 2018.

Any questions?

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