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Volunteer Meetings

Note: Meeting will be held in the the ballroom on the 1st floor.

The Coordinator, Manager and Volunteer meeting will be held on January 28th at 1:00pm at the Doubletree Hotel, Campbell Center - the Gold Towers on 75 just south of NW Highway. That's the host hotel, on the east side of US75 between NW Highway and Caruth.

The usual format is to review operational details with Coordinators and Managers between 1:00pm and 2:00pm and for volunteers to signup for work shifts between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.

However, there are no secrets in NTIF, so if you all want to show up at 1:00pm and listen to Marsha, Sheri and others talk about the positioning of beer booths, product sales, horses, archery contests and the like, then come on down.

This is more of a "pep rally", but with some business issues on the side. The bar will be open from noon onwards, and you can come eat brunch with us around noon if you wish! New volunteers, not so new volunteers, downright ancient volunteers - all are welcome. Come on down and start the party!

TABC Alcohol Server Permit - Note Changes

If you are planning to be a volunteer beer server you MUST have a valid TABC Server Certification. This certification is good for two years, so if you didn't attend the training last year, then you are due for renewal.

We have finally reached the eletronic age and must now take the training online by going to the TABSS web site. You should sign up for the third package - "TABC Certification + TX Food Handler All Counties". First you need to contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@ntif.org and she will give you an NTIF registration code. You then go to the TABSS website and start the registration and certification process. You will not be billed if you use this NTIF code - we will be billed direct.

Volunteer Meeting
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